2018 babies coming!

Please contact us at fullmoonfainters@aol.com !

Also this year we will be downsizing our herd,

and will have some beautiful does and possibly a buck or two for sale.

If you are looking to breed or want a starter herd, please do let us know.  

We always have some goats for sale as pets,

however we do not sell breeding quality animals for pet prices.


Here are a few babies born this year! They will be sold when they are ready to be weaned in a few weeks.


Doe Nellie - Two kids for sale, picture below. 



BORN 3/9/18 


  A couple of does for sale below:
(MGR Registration Pending)
Three year old doe - $350 
Three year old doe - $350 
10 month old doe - $350
3 year old doe - $450

Terms of Sale

Does 6 months of age and under, $300.00 and up.

Does over 6 months of age, $350.00 and up.

Bucks 6 months of age and under $250.00 and up.

Bucks over 6 months of age, starting at $300.00.

Pets are $100.00 each, 2 for $175 and 3 for $250.00. These would be castrated boys and pet quality girls. They come without registration papers, unless a wether is being used to show, in which case the animal can be registered upon the buyer's request.

Package deals and small starter herds will be available.

We do offer multiple purchase discounts on sales of 3 goats.

A fifty dollar deposit is required to hold a goat.

Mary Walsh
Spring City, PA 19475

Fainting Goat Lovers
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