These does are just a sample of the many fine does in our herd.
More pictures will be added as the site is updated.

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Gowan's Rosebud "Rosie"
DOB: 04/14/06
Black and White

Sire: Woody Creek Farm Pistol Packin' Pete
Dam: Gowan's Pillow Talk

Full Moon Farm Desiree
DOB: 04/30/07
Tricolor, white black and brown
Blue eyes

Sire: Critter Pine's Ranch TJ
Dam: Rolling Hills A little bit of Heaven

Morning Glory
DOB: 04/09/07
White with 2 shades of red

Sire: Apache Landing Scooter
Dam: Three Feathers Skittles

Rolling Hills A Little Bit of Heaven
DOB: 06/19/05

Sire: Over EZ Acres Stingray
Dam: Over EZ Acres Ester

Bedrock's Dolly Madison "Maddy"
DOB: 01/07/05
IFGA Registered Premium MGR 4

Sire: Bedrock's Dobie
Dam: Bedrock's Tootsie Roll

Gowan's I'm Just Peachy
DOB: 10/13/04
Polled, peach and white

 Sire: Misty Norman Buck
Dam: Gowan's Brandi

B's Barn Chantilly Lace
DOB: 03/06
Chocolate, blue and white
Marbled blue eyes

Sire: Beechkeld Cedar 1

Dam: Redbud Eight Hot Dot

Coyote Creek Dee Dee
DOB: 05/16/02

Sire: CCR King of Hearts

Dam: STA Dakota

Shade Tree Acres Eva
DOB: 04/08/01
Solid White
This girl is a powerhouse - extremely muscular
Throws beautiful babies

Sire: Capragen One-O-One
Dam: OCD 61 Cho-Cho

Three Feathers Skittles

DOB: 03/08
Tricolor: tan, dark brown, and white
Medium sized doe

DOB: 05/09
Black with minimal white

Sire: Critter Pine's Ranch TJ
Dam: Gowan's Rosebud "Rosie"

Coyote Creek Little M
DOB: 06/8/06

Sire: Coyote Creek Samson
Dam: Coyote Creek Chianti

Coyote Creek Martie
DOB: 07/7/06

Sire: XCalibar
Dam: Shania

Coyote Creek Willow
DOB: 06/06
Due late July

Sire: Coyote Creek Samson
Dam: Coyote Creek Isabo

Redbud Eight Edwina
DOB: 3/26/05
White with minimal brown and black markings
Blue eyes

Sire: Hillside SAcres Pretty Special
Dam: Adventure Farm Picaboo

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