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Critter Pine's Ranch TJ
DOB: 03/25/2006
Tj is a medium sized myotoni
He is parasite resistant & throws beautiful kids
This is a wonderful buck

Sire: Beechkeld Jeckyll and Hyde
Dam: Goulet's Ranch Kaluha
Paulie Jr.
DOB: 03/2009
White with red markings
Blue eyes

Sire: Apache Landing Takoda
Dam: Full Moon Farm Roberta
7FA Magnum
DOB: 03/05/05
Black and white
Blue eyed
Apache Landing Takoda
DOB: 12/3/04
White, horned
Blue eyes

Sire: Two Creek Farm Nakoma
Dam: Apache Landing Cricket
DOB: 03/09
Blue and white
Brown eyes, carries the blue eyed gene

Sire: Apache Landing Takoda
Dam: Full Moon farm Roberta

Mary Walsh
Spring City, PA 19475

Fainting Goat Lovers
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